Welcome! We started  “Keto Joy!” (2013) as a way to get the encouraging word out on the Ketogenic Diet for the treatment of Epilepsy. The best place to start is to watch the above short video; it tells Autumn Joy’s entire seizure story, and gives you a great start to  “Keto Joy!”  SECONDLY, go straight over to the RESOURCES page – that will probably answer most of your questions! Our goal is to encourage people to see the diet as a joy and blessing rather than a burden.

Our family would like to help encourage anyone who may be struggling with the ravages of seizures and considering the diet.  Thus far, due to the diet, we have had a very short seizure story; perhaps it will help others have a “short story” as well.  We will be posting recipes, resources and links that may help in guiding you to find answers.

We don’t have all the answers  and we don’t know yet how our “keto story” will end, however for now, we are so thankful that “Morning has broken into a seizure free year…and counting!”

Update July 2014:  After once having up to 100 seizures a day, Autumn has now been seizure-free for over 2 years!  We have begun to wean Autumn off the diet, and although she is not totally off yet, so far so good.  Earlier posts will have more 3:1 ratios or higher.  More recent posts are more “low carb.”

Update October 2014: Autumn has been completely off the diet since July.  She recently had an EEG where the results showed all of her brain activity was completely normal.  That is the result of KETO JOY! Be encouraged and keep holding fast!

Update April 15, 2017: Autumn has been off the diet for almost 5 years and remains seizure free! Keto Joy! I am hoping to launch a new forum called FORTIFY in the next month or so to talk about all the ways you can fortify your health. After 55 years of living and 8 kids that keep telling me to “write all that stuff down, mom”, I hope to get started!

Update April 3, 2023 We have had to change the name of the website address from KETOJOY.COM to KETOSEIZUREFREEJOY.COM because I never applied for a copyright on the name, and someone else did…so I had to change it.  Hopefully all the links on the site will still work! In addition, you can check out ketojoy.com as they sell keto products that may be helpful on the diet – however I don’t think they existed when we were on the diet, so I do not have much infomation on the items they sell.