Sprinkle Birthday Cake – Colorful Fun!

I don’t know how Dawn does it, but isn’t this an amazing looking cake?


This is a really fun cake to have on a birthday! The recipe comes from “KetoCookbook” author Dawn Martenz’ blog “Ketocook:   http://ketocook.com/2013/04/11/sprinkle-birthday-cake/

Although it is not Autumn’s birthday for about 7 more months, she saw this on Dawn’s site and asked if we could try to make it. So here are a few pictures from our attempt. 

Somehow I missed taking the pictures of making the sprinkles that go inside the cake – they are made with coconut flour – you can see them here in plastic bags. We had made them the night before and let them dehydrate in our dehydrator overnight. (This cake is a little labor intensive, but worth it for a special occasion). We then added them into the cake batter. We used a bundt pan but you can use whatever works. It looks like Dawn used 2 small rounds, or one round and cut it in two.


These were our “Sprinkles” for the top of the cake. We ordered some natural food coloring from Amazon.  We used truvia and then added drops of the different colors – and just experimented with them to make different shades: IMG_0214

We used a whipped cream frosting made with whipping cream, stevia, and a pinch of salt. You could add some vanilla as well, or use Dawn’s frosting recipe:


Put on the sprinkles:


and although Autumn and I both thought Dawn’s cake looked quite more “picture perfect,” ours certainly tasted “picture perfect”! 


Keto Joy!

An American Classic: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup – Keto Style

As the wind picked up and the snow started coming down like crazy – what else is there for dinner except melted cheese on toasted bread and warm tomato soup for dunking!

We make up several batches of the Flax Bread (Recipe from from The Charlie Foundation – http://www.charliefoundation.org/resources-and-tools/find-recipes-home/breads-rolls-and-muffins/item/709-flaxbread ) and store them in “slices”  in the freezer so they are ready to go anytime Autmun wants to make a sandwich (See “Recipes” tab for exact measurements):




If you have a lot of butter you need to add due to a higher ratio, you can butter both sides of the bread:




Often times Autumn has her grilled cheese “open-face” but sometimes she will put a top on some of them:


The tomato soup is so easy.  It is just tomato sauce and cream – with a few spices if you would like and perhaps a pinch of stevia. It is delicious! 


Grilled cheese has been one of the main meals on Autumn’s diet over the past couple years – probably because it is also one of her siblings favorites as well:

Joe loading up the griddle:


Russell making sure his is toasted to perfection:


Rebekah, Kristen and Promise enjoying each bite:




Joshua letting us know how good his was (Although it looks like he needs another sandwich to sop up that ketchup!):


And Autumn right along with them:


(For any low carb moms or dads out there – I make my grilled cheese/ quesadilla with Joseph’s lavash bread, laughing cow cheeses and I make a lower fat soup recipe for myself with just 1 cup of chicken broth and  one can of tomato sauce – so good – and you can eat it all!)

High-carb, low-carb, High-fat, low-fat  – it’s  “All in the Family,” along side “Keto Joy!”

Taco “Salad”…3 Days Straight..and Counting!

“Autumn, let’s try these,” ….I have been saying for the last 21 months about the Taco recipe on page 83 in Dawn Martenz’ The Keto Cookbook. For some reason Autumn never wanted to, but finally she did…just turning into a “Taco Salad” (see “Recipes” page) instead of tacos…and she has had it everyday for the last 3 days!



It is so basic – lettuce, hamburger, cheese, sour cream and a tad of low carb ketchup.   I felt like, “Dah – why have we never done this before!”  Although, I still think making taco shells out of cheese like Dawn does is a cool idea 🙂

Even after eating this for 3 days straight,  Autumn is saying to me as I am taking this picture, “Mom, please hurry up so I can eat!!!!


Keto Joy!

“Perfectly Normal”

“Perfectly Normal!”  Those were the words we heard today from Dr. Kahn, our neurologist, after she reviewed Autumn’s EEG results.  



We had not seen Dr. Kahn for over a year and when she opened the door of the patient room, Autumn and I looked up at the very small-statured – but always effervescent- Dr. Kahn. Beaming with a bright smile, her first words were, “Autumn give me a hug!”  To which I said, “Wow, Autumn is almost as tall as you!”   “Not hard to be!” she laughs. Oh, that every patient would have the privilege of having such a personable, compassionate doctor. 

Then we shared some Valentine Keto-chocolates we had made for her and the nurses – and they of course loved them!

0213141303aAutumn has been on the ketogenic diet now for almost 21 months and thus weaning her off the diet has now been considered.   The first step was getting a clear EEG – and that was accomplished today.  Now, we take a deep breath and start lowering her diet ratio – adding more carbs and protein –  little by little – over the next 6 months, until…hopefully…she eats like she always did…before the seizures.

My hands sweat as I press the keys on the keyboard.  I am excited. I am nervous. Deep breath. Trust. Relax. Smile (try, at least half-way) 😉


Shouting Keto Joy From the Roof Tops!

Tresa is the mom who called me at 11:30 one night and said “I don’t even know your name, but I know if you are a seizure mom, you are still up. Seizure mom’s know these things. 😉

She was interviewed today on Canada’s Country 105 for their Caring for Kids Radiothon and discusses her son’s, once, unstoppable seizures.

Please listen to her incredible story, be encouraged and pass it on – shouting it from the roof tops – just like she does – saving lives with the Keto message! 



Let the Keto Joy continue!

“Skinny Chocolate” – Super Easy, Super Fast, Super Yummy!

This was our first treat listed on our Valentine’s page:


This recipe is adapted from “The  Keto Cookbook” page 114.  It is super fast and so easy to make!

Here are the ingredients you will use. Please note that I have pictured 2 different types of coconut oil and 2 different types of cocoa.  If you, or your child, does not like any type of “coconut flavor” you can try the non-extra virgin coconut oils which typically do not have much flavor to them. I have Lou Ann’s pictured here, but there are other brands.  You could also replace butter for the coconut oil.  Also, different cocoas do taste different (I have Hershey’s and Ghirardelli pictured here), so if you don’t like the taste of one, just try another, just make sure you have the one you are using in the keto-calculator.  There are almonds and pecans in this picture also – but those are optional, depending on your ratio.  If you need a higher ratio, pecans are higher in fat than almonds, but either one is so scrumptious in the chocolate!  You do not need the stevia drops – they are optional for different flavorings if you would like to do a variety of flavors in your chocolate. 

(See “Recipe Tab” for exact measurements)


First, measure and melt your coconut oil:


Next, measure out cocoa, stevia/truvia, add a pinch of salt and melted oil (or butter) and stir:


IMG_0043If you are using nuts, measure, chunk/slightly crush and add into chocolate and stir:




If you are going to add flavorings, add them now. Autumn made Caramel and Chocolate Raspberry. You only need a few drops.  


Now you are ready to make any “shape” of chocolate you like.  The fastest way is to just line a cookie sheet with parchment or wax paper, pour out the chocolate mixture and pop it in the freezer – it will be done in about 2 minutes!  You can also put them in mini-muffin cups or any type of candy mold. 




No matter how you choose to make them, once finished just place them in the freezer and they will harden  within minutes.  Just pop them out of the molds or baking sheets and store in a plastic bag or airtight container.

If you prefer a more milk chocolate taste, or like chocolate and peanut butter cups, click this post we did here:  “Chocolates” 


Keto – Chocolate Joy! 😉 

Raspberry Chocolate-Bar Parfait

This was the second treat featured on our Valentine’s Day Page:


Yes, it is that amazing!

You need three things for this recipe –  One bar of “Skinny Chocolate” (click here for recipe), raspberries (fresh or frozen), and cream. 

(See “Recipe Tab” for exact measurements)

First, measure ratio amount of cream and whip:


Next, add sweetener of choice:


Finally, break you bar of “Skinny Chocolate” into small pieces:


Next, Layer the whip cream, raspberries and chocolate bar into a glass:



And then….

Stand back and admire the scrumptious fruit of your work!!!



Keto Joy!

Raspberry Whip Cream Chocolate Chunk Pie – Oh My!

This was the third treat we featured on our Valentine’s page:


This is simply delicious!  Try this with a bubbly glass of Keto soda!

Autumn actually has several variations of this pie.  We also make blueberry and chocolate.  Because of this, I make about  a half-dozen “pie crusts”  at a time.  To store them, simply  put a piece of parchment paper between each one and wrap them all up, place in a baggie and store them in the fridge. When Autumn picks this for a treat, or breakfast :), I can whip it up in minutes.   There are only 2 essential ingredients – butter and nuts – stevia can be added if you would like a bit of sweetener.

(See “Recipes” tab for exact measurements)

To Begin, spray a mini pie pan with oil. Measure out your nuts, “chop” them up and add butter and a very small pinch of stevia.





Press mixture into bottom of pan and place in 350 degree oven for about 5 minutes – BE CAREFUL – they will burn quickly, so keep an eye on them!



For the “pie filling,” you will need:


Measure correct cream amount and raspberries (fresh or frozen) and whip the cream:

IMG_0102Add a pinch of salt, a drop or two of raspberry flavoring (if desired) and a bit of sweetener:


Add Raspberries:


Pour into pie pan:


And serve it up!


If  “Chocolate Chunks” are desired, you can make a batch of skinny chocolate ( it only takes about 2 minutes!)  and break off a few pieces for the pie:


Sprinkle on top…. and Smile!!!


Keto Joy!