Sprinkle Birthday Cake – Colorful Fun!

I don’t know how Dawn does it, but isn’t this an amazing looking cake?


This is a really fun cake to have on a birthday! The recipe comes from “KetoCookbook” author Dawn Martenz’ blog “Ketocook:   http://ketocook.com/2013/04/11/sprinkle-birthday-cake/

Although it is not Autumn’s birthday for about 7 more months, she saw this on Dawn’s site and asked if we could try to make it. So here are a few pictures from our attempt. 

Somehow I missed taking the pictures of making the sprinkles that go inside the cake – they are made with coconut flour – you can see them here in plastic bags. We had made them the night before and let them dehydrate in our dehydrator overnight. (This cake is a little labor intensive, but worth it for a special occasion). We then added them into the cake batter. We used a bundt pan but you can use whatever works. It looks like Dawn used 2 small rounds, or one round and cut it in two.


These were our “Sprinkles” for the top of the cake. We ordered some natural food coloring from Amazon.  We used truvia and then added drops of the different colors – and just experimented with them to make different shades: IMG_0214

We used a whipped cream frosting made with whipping cream, stevia, and a pinch of salt. You could add some vanilla as well, or use Dawn’s frosting recipe:


Put on the sprinkles:


and although Autumn and I both thought Dawn’s cake looked quite more “picture perfect,” ours certainly tasted “picture perfect”! 


Keto Joy!