So, we did it.

Talk about a milestone.

Our family went out for lunch today for the first time in over two years (well, a family of 10 never went out to lunch much any way ūüėČ ….to a restaurant…an all-you-can-eat restaurant….that also included ice cream.¬†

It was Autumn’s pick:


 How does a former full-time keto kid(are we really in the former category?!) Рa kid that had to measure every gram Рsometimes to the tenth of a gram Рof food she put in her mouth for every meal, go to a smorgasbord?

From a mother’s viewpoint? ¬†With a mixture of excitement…and anxiousness.¬†

We have slowly been weaning off the diet since February of this year. ¬†Over the last month we have not weighed or measured a thing. Autumn has primarily been eating “whole foods” with very limited sugar and gluten-free.

¬†Even today, she stayed pretty true to her “whole foods” diet (can’t say that for the rest of the family ūüėČ

IMG_1783 IMG_1784 IMG_1788

IMG_1793 IMG_1797

¬†but she did have a dish of ice cream…. with ¬†a few sprinkles.


I am sure that I feel like every parent who has ever taken their child off the ketogenic diet –

nervous, but relieved; excited but cautious.

We are now transitioning to another way of eating – again one that is geared more towards whole foods.

We have been working on many more recipes that are also grain-free and sugar-free that I am hoping to get time to post in the near future.  We have learned so much and continue to learn more each day.  

You can’t have a day like today without being filled with gratitude and thanks to so many. ¬†

“I give thanks to God ¬†of every rememberance of all of you!”

To any of you who are reading this and just starting the diet…please be encouraged…little by little…gram by gram…keep pressing on!¬†



Oh the joy of …


Autumn’s New Favorite Salad

And she asks for it almost every day!

 Click here for the  recipe for the Asian salad I posted the other day.  This is so good!


A few comments on the recipe:

Follow the word directions – the gram amounts she listed did not make sense when I tried to measure it.

For the dressing: I did not use that much garlic – way too much for us! When I have been in a hurry, I just use garlic and ginger powder.

I subbed stevia for the Swerve.

I subbed Coconut Aminos for the soy sauce.


I had never bought a Napa cabbage before Рit is much sweeter than regular cabbage.  I took off the larger outer leaves and then cut it finely:


You can either put your veggies in the food processor or cut them by hand. ¬†I was in a hurry and just cut up what I had on hand. ¬†Remember we are now in a “low carb” mode, and not strict keto, so peas and carrots can be used.¬†


These are the items I used for the dressing – again when I am in hurry I just use garlic and ginger powder:


I missed putting the stevia in the last picture:

IMG_0380 But there is no missing the joy that Autumn Joy has when eating this salad!


 Keto Joy!