Get Your Purple On!

Today is “Purple Day” in recognition of Epilepsy Awareness Day.

I was 50 years old before I ever saw a seizure.

Autumn’s Dad, and the rest of Autumn’s siblings, had not seen one either.

Then, we all saw up to one-hundred seizures a day with Autumn.

We were suddenly very aware of Epilepsy!

If you are reading this page, you also are probably very aware of seizures.

You have also probably been afraid, angry, distraught, frustrated, tormented, exasperated and just completely torn up at times.

But, hopefully you also found guidance, instruction, comfort, consolation, encouragement, and compassion from those who have walked this road already.

Whatever help and hope you have found, pass it along to someone else today.  Make others aware of how they can help.

 Keep walking, keep sharing, keep hoping!

Imagine the Hope and Joy of being Set Free from seizures!   🙂

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