“Munch-Time” Sandwiches – No bread required!

One of Autumn’s favorite super-quick meals that she has for lunch or dinner are salami “sandwiches.” Hormel has an all natural, nitrate/nitrite-free brand. Now, I know “Natural” does not necessarily mean “perfectly free from anything bad,” but hey, it is a step in the right direction.

So, here you go: Salami, cheese, butter, carrots, lettuce, cream – with chocolate drops if you like, and either coconut or fish oil – oh, and a bit of mustard – it is missing from the picture, but you gotta have a bit o’mustard to with that salami. 🙂

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First, measure out ratio requirements of all ingredients:IMG_0311


Then, spread the butter unto the salami and put together a sandwich:IMG_0315


Add a glass of milk, which is cream mixed with water, yes she gets the yummy creamy stuff – add a few drops of chocolate – or any other flavor if you like.


For the added fat needed (depending on your keto-ratio) you could add more cream, use some mayonaise or add some nuts.  I am a big proponent of getting in oil at every meal – and Autumn actually prefers oil to mayo  – which is fine by me. Sometimes we do coconut oil, sometimes cod liver – the health benefits are super with either. She just takes the oil right off the spoon before eating. 


And then it’s “Munch-Time” 🙂