Kale – Not just for Decorating!

Many (many!) years ago as a college student, waitressing  at Pizza Hut, we used kale to cover the ice around all the condiment crocks in the salad bar.  It wasn’t until years later that I realized people actually ate it – I thought it was just for decoration!  For the last several years I have added it smoothies but it wasn’t until the ketogenic diet entered our world that I had the wonderful delight of tasting kale chips – yes, a delight. I love crumbling them up with buffalo chicken dip!  I remember when I first made them for Autumn, most of my kids were pretty skeptical.  Now, I have to keep them away from the pans of kale cooling on the counter or there won’t be any chips left for Autumn!

If you don’t already know of all the unsurpassed health benefits of Kale – just google it  – you get over 20,000,000 responses!  Kale is known for being one of the healthiest vegetables – super high in Vitamin K, A and C – and pretty high in fiber  – all helpful when on the Keto diet.

The only ingredients needed are Kale, butter (or olive oil), and salt. (Click on “Recipes” tab for exact measurements.)

First cut the center rib out of the leaves – Autumn and her sisters do that job.




When they are finished, I just melt a few tablespoons or so of butter – depending on how much Kale I am doing – you don’t need much to coat a lot of kale  – and then sprinkle desired amount of salt in with the butter (we use RealSalt). If you end up using too much butter or oil, your leaves will be a bit soggy and take a lot longer to get crisp.


I then put the kale in the pan and stir it all around with my hands making sure all the leaves get coated:


I place the kale on pizza pans so that they crisp on all sides.  (I do line the bottom of the oven with foil in case any butter drips).


Place in the oven at a pretty low temp – around 200- 225 depending on your oven.  Then check every 15 – 2o minutes, stirring/turning over the leaves.  Keep doing this until all leaves are crunchy – can take up to an hour or so.  Do not over-bake by letting  them get brown – unless you like a “burnt” taste.


And viola – you have a great tasting EDIBLE decoration chip! 🙂

IMG_0102Keto Joy!