Pill Popping – No more a problem!

Just had to celebrate again today!

After over 2 years on the diet, today at “snack time,” when Autumn usually crushes up all her vitamins and mixes them in butter (see previous post here ), she just picked each one up…even the horse pill size ones.. and swallowed them….one by one!  


This may not make the top-ten list of most exciting things to accomplish in life – but it was certainly worth high-fives all around!


Keto Joy!

Two Years Ago Today….

….we were in the midst of getting ready for our oldest son’s wedding in our back yard, that was supposed to have been on the beach of Carmel CA.

I had just returned, less than 48 hours earlier, from almost 3 weeks from being in one hospital and then another, with a still seizing Autumn and over $1000 in meds.  If you ever wonder about God’s grace, watch this video from that day:


Two years later, we have not been able to get much posted on this blog because life without seizures has been so busy with:

Talent shows: (Yes, I need a better camera -and glasses!)




Play Performances and visits with Grandparents from CA:


 Pony Quizzing:

IMG_0033Dance Performances:

IMG_0217 IMG_0135 10300235_566012220184812_3067365929890807125_n


And a GRAND visit with Baby Max and Hope – First to WI to see GREAT Grandma, 2nd cousins and Great Uncles:

IMG_0073 IMG_0057 IMG_0060 IMG_0059 IMG_0066

Then off to the IN homestead, for a visit with Aunts, Uncles, Grandpa, Grandma and “animal friends”

photo 2-4

IMG_0139photo 5-2 IMG_0165 IMG_0089 IMG_0097 IMG_0199 IMG_0128photo 2-3 IMG_0209 IMG_0108photo 1-8

 What else can be said, but ….. 

photo 2-7