They’re Home :)

Actually they have been home for a while

– Just been busy!

 The cats and dogs were probably as excited as I was!


They had tons of fun with cousins and grandparents..swimming, hiking, hanging out. And NO Seizures! They loved their trip to legoland. Yes, this is all built with legos – amazing!

Now we are back to…… 

Frisbee Tournaments and Soccer practice:

First game 6-0 win!   Working off the boarding/riding stable fees – But with a brand new smile – Braces off!

Harvesting Honey:


Music Practice 

Piano for all:

Starting  in Dance this year:

Joining two others

Getting the animals fed.

The 4H pig project

And the chickens…

And Oh do the cows love what’s in the scrap bucket!

Enjoying their brothers, who are also back at home…

…even when they wear funny colored pants!  😉

and of course, the beloved kittens!

All is well again! 😉

(Although I also would be delighted to see this family home again! Possibly Thanksgiving???  😉  )

Thank you Keto Joy!