If it’s Christmas…There Must Be Chocolates!

Well…there must be chocolates AND “Reese’s” peanut butter cups any time of year! I’m back at home and  – yikes –  all of Autumn’s chocolates are gone, which means my chocolates are gone too! We must have our delectably delicious chocolate treats for Christmas! I think I actually got these recipes out of “The Keto Kid” by Debbie Snyder and just made a few tweaks. They are so good…I actually could eat half the batch while I am stirring it in the pan – even before it hardens! So whether you are a keto kid or just want to enjoy some low carb treats – you will love these!

Here is what you need for the chocolates (Click on the “Recipes” tab for exact measurements): IMG_9840

Measure out the correct ratio of your ingredients, put every thing in a small sauce pan and bring to a boil – whisking constantly.



Chop up your nuts a bit and add to the pan of chocolate and stir:



Next, we place a little bit of chocolate in mini-muffin cups, but you could pour it into any type of mold or pan and divide as you would like. (If you are making “Reese’s” peanut putter cups you will want to set aside some of the chocolate mixture – see recipe directions further down on page.)

IMG_4131We then put this tray in the freezer to harden – it only takes a few minutes. Once frozen, we place in a storage container and keep them in the freezer.


Now, for the peanut butter cups, you will need:

IMG_9853Simply stir together your ratio of butter, peanut butter, sweetener of choice and a pinch of salt, if desired.  Because had it on hand, I sometimes have added a few drops of Bickford peanut butter flavoring – but it is not necessary for the recipe.



We then put a small portion of that mixture into each cavity of a candy mold – we make 20 “cups” with this recipe:


IMG_4129We then put these in the freezer to harden just a bit, then take them out and press your thumb in the middle to make a small indentation.  Now, I have spent the last  10 minutes looking for the picture I took of making indents with my thumb and can’t find it! But, I am sure you can figure it out :). Next, fill the “indents” with some of the chocolate from the “Chocolates” recipe from above:


Once they are all filled, place in freezer to harden.  Once firm, take out and remove from molds.  You can then either freeze them or…


…eat them!  Let that chocolate just melt in your mouth!  Definitely Keto-Joy!!!!