Ice cream shakes and chocolate milk – everyday!

When I first inquired about the ketogenic diet, a nurse told me, “It is really hard, you have to drink cream on the diet.”

And that is considered hard? ūüôā

Let me just say that I would like to indulge in as much cream as Autumn gets to enjoy!

Autumn often has ice cream shakes several times throughout the week, but almost always on late Sunday afternoons because all her siblings love a big batch of Jamocha shakes for….dinner!¬† We eat a late lunch so the shakes are a late dessert/dinner ūüôā

(If Autumn is having “milk” with one of her meals, she just measures out the needed amount of cream, adds a little water and some chocolate stevia drops for¬† a delicious chocolate milk.)

These are the ice cream shake¬†ingredients (Click on “Recipes” tab for exact measurements):


First, measure out your cream and unsweetened coconut milk, then blend it on high until it is no longer runny.IMG_0072IMG_0074IMG_0076

This is what it will look like. Now it doesn’t look like there is much¬†there, but just wait!


Next you add ice cubes and frozen coconut milk cubes.

We have never hooked up our icemaker so they are standard ‘ice cube tray” size. I pour the coconut milk in the tray and freeze them (then store them in¬†ziplock bag), so we always have frozen cubes on hand.¬† The plastic bag contains 3 frozen coconut milk cubes and 3 ice cubes. For some reason the blender (even though it is a Vitamix) does not blend smaller amounts¬†well, so I crush the cubes up with that good old meat mallet before adding them to the blender.




Then measure your cocoa and sweetener of choice. Today, Autumn wanted to have a chocolate raspberry we added some Sweetleaf drops.  Add a dash of salt, and blend all the yumminess together!IMG_0080




Pour into a favorite festive glass..and….


Enjoy that cream!!!!


Sometimes we have chocolate chip cookies to go with them….and¬†Autumn does too. I will post that recipe soon!

Monday’s Breakfast – Peanut Butter Cookies, Apples and Dip

I asked Autumn this morning what was for breakfast and she said “Mom, I always have peanut butter cookies on Monday.”

So I got out the camera and started taking pictures!

I had a mom call me several weeks ago asking some questions about the diet.¬† She had seen a picture of Autumn eating¬†peanut butter cookies¬†on my FB page asked me for the recipe.¬† She had not started the diet yet and was just trying to go “low-carb with her son. When I started to write out the recipe for her, I realized that if you have never made a keto-recipe it would be hard to explain the size of how things look – thus was another reason to start the blog to show people what a keto meal/dessert looks like:

Here are the ingredients you need: (See “Recipes” tab for exact measurements)¬†IMG_4164

Now, when you mix these up all you need is a small cup – yet you will end up with 16-18 “mini” cookies:

A tip when adding egg: Typically you only need a few grams of egg in a recipe. Mix an egg in a small food storage container and then pour just what you need into your recipe and store the rest in the fridge.


Mix the rest of the ingredients together and then place a¬†“dime-size” amount¬†of batter per cookie¬†on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.¬† Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 7 minutes.¬† We have a convection oven so oven times may vary.

IMG_4158 IMG_4160

These cookies can be made as a “snack” but this recipe has “apples and peanut butter” added to it to make it more of a meal. While the cookies are baking, add together the peanut butter, butter, coconut oil and a bit of stevia and stir. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature so we put a little in a metal measuring cup, heat it up on the stove to melt and then measure it into the batter.


When we first started out in the diet we were at¬†a 4:1 ratio.¬† And although at that ratio you don’t get a whole lot of apple, they are still tasty!¬† The picture here is a 2.5:1 ratio.¬† The key is to cut the apples thin so there are lots of slices to go with all the cookies¬†ūüôā


Here is what the cookies look like after baking:IMG_4169

And here is what it looks like all together – Autumn loves to dip the apples and the cookies in the sauce!


Of course I forgot to take a picture of her eating them this morning, but here is one from her birthday breakfast – Yum Yum!photo (2)

Friday Night Pizza!

Friday night pizza is a mainstay in our home!¬† And Autumn enjoys her keto pizza right along with her brothers and sisters, she even makes a glass of her favorite ‘soda” to go with it!¬†¬†Here is a step by step guide on how we make it:

These are the ingredients:

These are the ingredients we use.

Remember that each person will have differing amounts of each ingredient depending upon what ratio they are on (i.e. 4:1 or 3:1 etc.) and calorie needs. ¬†(Click on “Recipes” tab for this pizza in a 3:1 ratio.)

Step 1: Mix together proper ratio of Macadamia nut butter, Olive oil, Mayo and a sprinkle of garlic salt.


Step 2: Beat proper ratio of egg white until stiff and then stir into macadamia nut mixture

mom 003

Step 3: Spread mixture out  Рinto a circle, rectangle or whatever you like- on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet.



Put this into 350 degree oven and bake for 10 minutes

Step 4:

While pizza is baking, you can prepare your sauce and cheese.  We pour a can of tomato sauce into ice cube trays and freeze. When frozen we store them in a plastic bag.  Whenever it is time to make pizza we take one out and melt it on the stove, then measure on scale.IMG_9676

mom 009

 Step 5: Measure Cheese


Step 6:

Take pizza out of oven and spread on sauce and cheese. If your ratio allows, you may add onions, peppers, mushrooms etc.. Bake for an additional 10 minutes.


Autumn has a salad (lettuce) at lunch and dinner.  With pizza, she has a Caesar salad with bacon bits and cheese (sometimes she puts her bacon on her pizza).  We buy Hormel no nitrate and no bht bacon, fry it and then freeze it.  When she needs bacon for anything we just take out a piece and measure what we need. Hormel bacon strips have more fat than any other processed bacon bits you  might buy and that is why we use it.

mom 011

mom 012

mom 015

Autumn also likes to make “soda”¬† to enjoy with her pizza.¬†We use plain carbonated water, flavored stevia drops and just a bit of truvia or sweet leaf stevia powder.¬† She has lots of fun with all the different flavors!


So it’s time to serve up the pizza, salad and soda!!!! And for dessert she will be deciding on a chocolate shake, Cheesecake Berry Crunch or perhaps peanut butter cups and chocolates….more recipe posts¬†to follow!

mom 016

Keto Joy!