Celebrating 5 years Seizure-Free!

On May 30, 2012, I was recording, as I had grown accustomed to doing every day, the time of Autumn’s seizures:

Little did I know at the moment I wrote 9:08, that would be the last seizure I would record…for 5 years…and counting!

You can just imagine how many times the phrase “Has she had one yet?”  was said during the hours, days and weeks that followed.

We went from this nightmare:

To this dream:

May 2017

None of this would have happened without these people: Kate – Mom of 2 autistic boys, who introduced me to Tresa, mom to a son with unrelenting seizures, who then introduced me to an amazing dietitian, Christine (who I still don’t have a picture for!).

And she introduced me to this incredible organization and these amazing resources:

All this to say, is that none of this would have been possible if all these people had not fortified our family with their knowledge, time and willingness to help. These were complete strangers. We were in desperate need.  And because of their help, Autumn was cured.  

We started this blog to encourage others walking down this same path, and thankfully we have been able to do just that throughout these past 5 years.  

In an effort to continue on the theme of fortifying others, we have started a new blog, specifically geared towards moms, called, “Fortify”.

The goal is the same: encouraging others, by others who have walked along life’s ways and are willing to take time out to fortify those who are in need.

Today we celebrate all those who picked up the phone, sent an email, wrote a book and started an organization – all those who fortified us – and we give thanks, that is immeasurable, to each and every one of you!  

(And in all honesty, we’ll probably have some cake and ice cream!  😉  )


2 thoughts on “Celebrating 5 years Seizure-Free!

  1. A fabulous celebration!! Congratulations Autumn, Ann, and whole Forti family!! It is always so inspiring to me to see families that have walked a healing journey and are willing to encourage and inspire others seeking healing. The word encourage is so perfect, because it comes from the root “cour,” the same root word for courage and for heart. Your family has shown tremendous courage and heart along the road back from uncontrolled seizures and I was privileged to be part of that journey. With love,
    Christine Williams-Dyjur

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