A “Grace-Filled” Wedding


The Wedding

While watching this video, consider the following:

Consider it all took place less than 48 hours after being in a hospital for over 2 weeks and in the midst of seizures…

Consider the bride and groom’s willingness to move the wedding anywhere  and at anytime, so that Autumn could be there…

Consider the family members that were able to get there on a moment’s notice coming as far as CA to IN…

Consider that AMAZING wedding cake made by  Autumn’s 11 and 12 year-old sisters…

Consider the entire wedding set-up done by the groom and guys while the bride and gals were getting their hair done by friends…

Consider the wedding colors -Purple – the color of epilepsy awareness, even though we did not know that at the time…

Consider the amazing videographer – whose name we received at the very last minute- and what a gifted camera man he was…

Consider the last shot of Kyle and Hope…with Autumn right in the middle….

And then….

Consider the Grace of God that put it all together!

Considering it all Joy….James 1

Click here to watch:


Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 2.35.42 PM

(Update 4/3/2023: Unfortunately, Kyle tragically passed away on March 3, 2019 in an accident. It may be often difficult to “consider it all joy”, but I can say God has been faithful.)


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