An American Classic: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup – Keto Style

As the wind picked up and the snow started coming down like crazy – what else is there for dinner except melted cheese on toasted bread and warm tomato soup for dunking!

We make up several batches of the Flax Bread (Recipe from from The Charlie Foundation – ) and store them in “slices”  in the freezer so they are ready to go anytime Autmun wants to make a sandwich (See “Recipes” tab for exact measurements):




If you have a lot of butter you need to add due to a higher ratio, you can butter both sides of the bread:




Often times Autumn has her grilled cheese “open-face” but sometimes she will put a top on some of them:


The tomato soup is so easy.  It is just tomato sauce and cream – with a few spices if you would like and perhaps a pinch of stevia. It is delicious! 


Grilled cheese has been one of the main meals on Autumn’s diet over the past couple years – probably because it is also one of her siblings favorites as well:

Joe loading up the griddle:


Russell making sure his is toasted to perfection:


Rebekah, Kristen and Promise enjoying each bite:




Joshua letting us know how good his was (Although it looks like he needs another sandwich to sop up that ketchup!):


And Autumn right along with them:


(For any low carb moms or dads out there – I make my grilled cheese/ quesadilla with Joseph’s lavash bread, laughing cow cheeses and I make a lower fat soup recipe for myself with just 1 cup of chicken broth and  one can of tomato sauce – so good – and you can eat it all!)

High-carb, low-carb, High-fat, low-fat  – it’s  “All in the Family,” along side “Keto Joy!”

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