Taco “Salad”…3 Days Straight..and Counting!

“Autumn, let’s try these,” ….I have been saying for the last 21 months about the Taco recipe on page 83 in Dawn Martenz’ The Keto Cookbook. For some reason Autumn never wanted to, but finally she did…just turning into a “Taco Salad” (see “Recipes” page) instead of tacos…and she has had it everyday for the last 3 days!



It is so basic – lettuce, hamburger, cheese, sour cream and a tad of low carb ketchup.   I felt like, “Dah – why have we never done this before!”  Although, I still think making taco shells out of cheese like Dawn does is a cool idea 🙂

Even after eating this for 3 days straight,  Autumn is saying to me as I am taking this picture, “Mom, please hurry up so I can eat!!!!


Keto Joy!