“Skinny Chocolate” – Super Easy, Super Fast, Super Yummy!

This was our first treat listed on our Valentine’s page:


This recipe is adapted from “The  Keto Cookbook” page 114.  It is super fast and so easy to make!

Here are the ingredients you will use. Please note that I have pictured 2 different types of coconut oil and 2 different types of cocoa.  If you, or your child, does not like any type of “coconut flavor” you can try the non-extra virgin coconut oils which typically do not have much flavor to them. I have Lou Ann’s pictured here, but there are other brands.  You could also replace butter for the coconut oil.  Also, different cocoas do taste different (I have Hershey’s and Ghirardelli pictured here), so if you don’t like the taste of one, just try another, just make sure you have the one you are using in the keto-calculator.  There are almonds and pecans in this picture also – but those are optional, depending on your ratio.  If you need a higher ratio, pecans are higher in fat than almonds, but either one is so scrumptious in the chocolate!  You do not need the stevia drops – they are optional for different flavorings if you would like to do a variety of flavors in your chocolate. 

(See “Recipe Tab” for exact measurements)


First, measure and melt your coconut oil:


Next, measure out cocoa, stevia/truvia, add a pinch of salt and melted oil (or butter) and stir:


IMG_0043If you are using nuts, measure, chunk/slightly crush and add into chocolate and stir:




If you are going to add flavorings, add them now. Autumn made Caramel and Chocolate Raspberry. You only need a few drops.  


Now you are ready to make any “shape” of chocolate you like.  The fastest way is to just line a cookie sheet with parchment or wax paper, pour out the chocolate mixture and pop it in the freezer – it will be done in about 2 minutes!  You can also put them in mini-muffin cups or any type of candy mold. 




No matter how you choose to make them, once finished just place them in the freezer and they will harden  within minutes.  Just pop them out of the molds or baking sheets and store in a plastic bag or airtight container.

If you prefer a more milk chocolate taste, or like chocolate and peanut butter cups, click this post we did here:  “Chocolates” 


Keto – Chocolate Joy! 😉 

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