“Perfectly Normal”

“Perfectly Normal!”  Those were the words we heard today from Dr. Kahn, our neurologist, after she reviewed Autumn’s EEG results.  



We had not seen Dr. Kahn for over a year and when she opened the door of the patient room, Autumn and I looked up at the very small-statured – but always effervescent- Dr. Kahn. Beaming with a bright smile, her first words were, “Autumn give me a hug!”  To which I said, “Wow, Autumn is almost as tall as you!”   “Not hard to be!” she laughs. Oh, that every patient would have the privilege of having such a personable, compassionate doctor. 

Then we shared some Valentine Keto-chocolates we had made for her and the nurses – and they of course loved them!

0213141303aAutumn has been on the ketogenic diet now for almost 21 months and thus weaning her off the diet has now been considered.   The first step was getting a clear EEG – and that was accomplished today.  Now, we take a deep breath and start lowering her diet ratio – adding more carbs and protein –  little by little – over the next 6 months, until…hopefully…she eats like she always did…before the seizures.

My hands sweat as I press the keys on the keyboard.  I am excited. I am nervous. Deep breath. Trust. Relax. Smile (try, at least half-way) 😉


4 thoughts on ““Perfectly Normal”

  1. What amazing news!!! I have been following your bog for the past few months here as Summer my 3 year old daughter has just embarked on her journey. God bless Autumn and cant wait to hear all of the great news!!!
    ohh…valentine keto chocolates?? where can i get that recipe?

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