You Need to Know This.

I am working on a post that gives an overview of different dietary therapies and I was going to put this video in that post; however, I think it is best to post it alone.

I know 18 minutes can seem like an eternity in our “sound bite” world, but it may be worth it to your health for every minute you watch.

4 thoughts on “You Need to Know This.

  1. I have seen Ms. O’Brien speak before. She is an excellent advocate for overhauling our food and agricultural system to support safe and healthy practices. Before we can make wise decisions about how we spend our food dollars, we have to become educated, and I commend Ms. O’Brien and other food advocates for their efforts to enlighten us. We can all write to our legislators, and we can write to food companies, and we should. But we can cast our strongest vote with our dollars. Support local farmers – those who are using organic, healthy and sustainable practices will be knowledgeable and happy to talk to you about what is in your food. Consumers should also be aware of pending federal legislation in the US to allow GM foods to be labelled as natural, and to prohibit food labels from indicating when a product is free of GMOs. Please consider writing to your government representatives if you don’t support this legislation. Ann, thanks for sharing.

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