Monday Morning -The Reality of a Mother’s Day

Yesterday was “Mom’s Day”…a day many of us moms enjoyed so many beautiful things. I personally  enjoyed…

A flower garden planted by my girls…


An amazing tiramisu cake, made by another daughter(Grain free and sugar free!)


 A heart-filled number of cards…


It was truly a beautiful today!

Today, Monday, is also “Mom’s Day.” The Mondays…Tuesdays..Wednesdays….that are done all year round, filled with: 



and dishes…


and schooling…

IMG_0204and perhaps back to work, and back to researching the health issues, and doctor’s visits, dealing with financial shortfalls,  and strained family relationships… along with the  impatience, the anxiousness, the mother’s fears….and I think of all the other moms I know – Tresa, Anna, Kate, Natalie, Gerri, Christine, Dawn, Lisa……who are waking up too, to Monday, with all their issues and their kids’ issues, and I am grateful to know them…. and how today we moms will walk together – although perhaps distantly – and how they will all help encourage me – in some way or another – and all the other moms out there who I will learn from and get help from this year.  

And so when I read this note yesterday from one of my sons:

“I read the popular line last night: “What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.”
It immediately made me think of the way you’ve poured into each of us since day one. We’d have probably already attained world peace by now if everyone had your ability to invest, reason, and love. Thank you for your sacrifice every single day to carry on and do what you do so beautifully and well.
Love you and Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!”

…and all the other kind words from my other sons and daughters, my first thought is:  “How is this possible? How can he say these things?  Did he, and all the other kids,  forget all the times I was yelling, ugly, impatient, selfish, impossible and irrational?” 

Then I think of page 13 of of Ann Voskamp’s “One Thousands Gifts” where she says,

 “Why does God ask us to give thanks even when things look a failure?  

…and on page 14 she says..

because “It’s yielding higher than it looks.” “The life that counts blessings discovers its yielding more than it seems.” 

And so when all the years go by – 24 for the son’s words above – 

I think how blessed I am to have so much help…so many other moms that encouraged me and helped me give thanks for all things… so that I might have a happy mothers’ day. 

So I spray on a spritz of my favorite perfume – my gift from the kids yesterday…IMG_0331

and walk in it….amidst all the other stuff. …and count all those blessings…even as I put them into the washing machine, scrub them off the floor, apologizing for a wrong word or attitude and asking for forgiveness, giving thanks as I go along… and today, I get to do it all without seizures!

Keto Joy! 

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