A Cure for Autism/ASD?

Perhaps. At least a step in the right direction for helping the symptoms.

I have friends and acquaintances – probably all of us do – who have children with Autism, ASD, seizures or a myriad of other disorders.  One of those parents posted the following video/link this past week.  We just finished watching it for science class today (along with a 45 minute video on the thyroid – all great stuff for even a 9-year-old!)  🙂

I thought anyone following Keto Joy would be really interested, so here is the link:




6 thoughts on “A Cure for Autism/ASD?

  1. If there was a “cure” for my Asperger’s, I wouldn’t take it.

    I don’t view it as a disability; I am simply DIFFERENTLY abled. Autism can bring with it gifts as well as challenges.

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