Be Your Own Candy Bar Company!

Anyone love Payday Candy Bars? How about Dark Chocolate Almond Mocha Bars? Caramel Turtles?

Whether you are on the keto diet or just a low carb diet – you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these teats! The only problem is having enough self control to not eat the entire batch!

Once again – it is the gifted chef Dawn Martenz to credit. If you do not have her book, The Keto Cookbook, or have not checked out the new Charlie Foundation website, you are missing out on some awesome food!

Awhile back I found a recipe for low-carb caramel sauce on the “Trim Healthy Mama” website.  I had tried and loved it – Autumn did as well and we have been making amazing “candy bars” ever sense. However, recently I ran across Dawn’s  recipe for caramel sauce here. By watching the video I saw how to get a much better consistency.  The only thing we do differently is add a bit of Caramel extract.

So check out the video – We do a huge batch! – and start enjoying some scrumptious candy bars!

Caramel sauce over peanuts for “Pay Days”



Here we made a huge batch of Skinny Chocolate (with almonds- you can use pecans for a higher ratio) and covered pieces with caramel:IMG_0229IMG_0736IMG_0737

Today, when we made Dawn’s recipe (You can tell the difference in color); We made plain caramels and “Turtle Caramels” in molds:


It was during lunch – so ignore the mess, (It was keto grilled cheese for Autumn today)- I am surprised we had any caramel left due to all the taste testing going on!

IMG_0749 IMG_0748IMG_0746

And of course, a little after lunch taste-testing once the caramels had hardened in the freezer:


With one extra little helper…..


Even the dogs say:

Keto Joy! 🙂


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