What’s up…and coming…

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since our last post! 

So what has been happening?

 Canning tomatoes from the garden:


 4-H Chicken Projects and Fair:





A visit from one of the cutest nephews ever:


Gram’s 80th Birthday Celebration:

IMG_7289          Autumn’s 10th Birthday!                     


So, is Autumn completely off the diet? Yes

Does she eat all the food she use to eat? Yes

Is she still seizure-free? Yes

Honestly, I still just don’t understand how diet alone can stop such intense seizures.

But it does. 

So why doesn’t every doctor who deals with Epilepsy know about the diet, and at least give it as an option for patients to try? 

I don’t know, perhaps either lack of knowledge or unbelief.

As you read this, if there is anyone you know who suffers with epilepsy, or is a medical professional that works with epileptic patients, please take the time to spread the word on this powerful tool.  The very best resource for information I know is:

The Charlie Foundation

You might be the catalyst that gives someone else a seizure-free life! 

So, What’s next?

Autumn has an eeg scheduled for later this week to see if her brain activity looks the same as it did while she was on the diet. 

It will be a big day.

Yes, I am a bit anxious.

Yes, I will be posting the results. Stay tuned!

Keto Joy!


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