Watching and Waiting

If you have been following this blog, you may recall that we started weaning Autumn off the diet this past February.  We have been reducing her diet :25 approximately every 4 weeks.  Today we started once again at a new ratio, we are now down to 1.50:1.  The plan is to go down to 1.25:1 in mid-June and 1:1 in early July – at that point we will be basically “low-carbing” things as she returns to a regular diet.

However, that is just “our” plan.  We have no idea what will actually happen.  Although I would never consider myself a pessimist, my kids have called me the most pragmatic person they know.  And that pragmatic side of me says that, for now, her blood ketone levels are still too high to know for sure if she is “out of the woods” yet.

Most research on the ketogenic diet states that it is necessary for blood ketone levels to be at least at 4.0  for seizure control – although that may not be sufficient.  All throughout the diet, Autumn has measured in the 7’s or higher. The monitor only goes up to 7.9 and then just reads “HI” for any higher values. We had to monitor Autumn closely when we first started the diet because she would consistently measure “HI”.

Right now, she is down to a 4.8.


So, is she not having seizures because her ketone levels are still high, or because she is actually “healed”?

Right now, we just don’t know.

So, we just keep watching and waiting, enjoying those extra grams of carbs and protein, and trusting that no matter what happens, God will use it for good, one way or another, as we keep pressing on……..although at times my palms still sweat 😉


A picture from the back porch last week…looking forward to what is ahead! 

Keto Joy!