Cheesecake Berry Crunch – simply yumifiable!

Cheesecake Berry Crunch is not only one of Autumn’s favorites, but a family favorite as well!


This is a heavenly blend of raspberries, blueberries, pecans and cream cheese – all mixed together it tastes like raspberry ice cream – only  better!

This recipe actually comes from the book Trim and Healthy Mama by Serene Allison and Pearl  Barrett.  I will be doing a post about this book in the future.  The book has nothing to do with seizures BUT it tells you everything on how to be a Trim Healthy Mama, which helps you have lots of energy when you have 8 kids and your youngest starts having seizures! I tweaked the original recipe a bit by changing the almonds to pecans because pecans have a higher fat ratio.


Put your ratio of ingredients in a small blender or use a hand blender with attachment (which is what we use), and then blend. (See “Recipes” tab for exact measurements.)



Then pour into a dessert type glass.  Autumn and her sisters have fun going to Goodwill to find wonderful crystal stemware for serving up desserts. When doing the keto-diet, “presentation’  of a meal or dessert can really add to the joy of eating it! 🙂


Then it is time for…


Keto Joy!

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