Consider it all Joy

Although we started this blog several days ago by putting up recipes and resources, it hasn’t been  “live” until today , so, live post #1 🙂

It is Epilepsy awareness month and I find some of the statistics I am reading just staggering. In all of this, I am reminded where we were a little over 17 months ago…in a hospital room where drug after drug wasn’t working and every few minutes the seizures raged on.  I had a friend call me in the midst of it all and say, “Just remember that today is not the way it is always going to be.” I hung unto those words knowing that time has a way of working things out – in one way or another.  And I, and my husband and kids, just kept doing the next right thing in front of us. I think of the 2 moms in the video – Tresa and Kate – where they once were and where they are today – with the success of their kids, and how much more  they know since that  “one day” when their worlds were shattered. We all have seen examples of this in our lives and those around us.  Thus, I am reminded of the verse in James 1 that says: ”Consider it all joy my brethren, when you fall into various trials, knowing that the trying of you faith produces patience, and let patience have its perfect work in you, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”

Looking for joy?  Look to those trials that are perfecting you, as you patiently walk through it, day by day. 😉

2 thoughts on “Consider it all Joy

  1. I was going into the hospital last week (for a special prenatal appointment) and thought that I hadn’t been in a hospital since the “Seizure Season.” I remembered the night I came down from Hillsdale. You and I were walking into the FW hospital and you got the call that Dad’s truck was on fire (is that right?), and he was going to miss his expensive flight home. I think you hadn’t slept in 3-4 days at that point–maybe longer. I think we were just bowled over that ANOTHER trial was added on top of everything else. It seemed absurd. What a terrible, dark night. But I think you told me this verse anyway. I’m glad you’re through it!

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