Wonderful Wednesday Waffles

Well….Wonderful Waffles any day of the week!

The wonderfully, warm, maplely,  aroma when these are  “baking” in  the waffle iron inevitably brings one of my kids…then another and another….into the kitchen saying, “Yum that smells so good, what are you making?”  but alas…they are only for their  Keto- sister Autumn to enjoy – oh, the benefits of being on the diet!  This recipe comes from The Keto Cookbook  listed under resources.   We quadruple the batch, several times over, and then freeze them so they are ready to have on hand whenever you want to serve up, well… “Wonderfulness” 😉

Here are the ingredients you will need (See “Recipe Tab” for exact measurements)


The first thing you need to do is measure out how many pecans you will need. You then “grind” them until they are into very small pieces.  We have tried using a blender, but for some reason pecans just don’t grind well.  We put the nuts in a double plastic bag and get out the good old meat mallet (works great when you can’t find a hammer as well 🙂 ) and start pounding away.  To save time, we “pound” a big batch of nuts at a time. This only takes a few minutes and some of the kids think its fun.  Any extra nuts you have, store in the fridge – which is where we keep all of our nuts to keep them fresher longer.


Next beat your eggs, and add a bit of maple flavoring – or any other flavoring you might like.  Bickford Brands is the brand that Debbie Snyder recommends in Keto Kid. Then add the rest of your ingredients, stir it up and pour into waffle iron.



Depending on your waffle iron they will cook for about 7-8 minutes – and your house will smell so good!


After these are cooled we wrap each one in its own bag and then put them all in a large freezer bag and into the freezer they. They are then ready when you are.   When it comes time to eat one, we top it with whip cream (don’t let anyone discourage you by saying you have to use a lot of cream on the diet – I only wish I could enjoy as much as my daughter does!) and berries.  Measure your cream, beat it up, add a bit of your preferred sweetener…IMG_0031IMG_0033

Spread it on…yum…


measure your berries…IMG_0037

top that waffle….IMG_0039And ENJOY a bite of wonderfulness!IMG_0043

2 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday Waffles

    • So sorry, I was just thinking I needed to add the link right to the blog post – but I have to figure that out! I just need to organize the recipe page better. if you go to the recipe tab and scroll all the way down to the last recipe it is there. In addition, I just copied and pasted it hereWonderful Waffles

      This recipe was adapted from the Ketogenic Cookbook which has it originally at a 4:1 ratio. This recipe is very easy to adapt to differing ratios because there are so many ways to add additional fat if needed – you can add butter to the top, add more whip cream for the “topping”or add additional oil. To lower ratio, we just added more fruit.

      (Click on recipe to see pictures and instructions)

      Please note: these are the ingredients for 1 waffle. We quadruple this batch because our waffle maker makes 4 waffles at a time.

      30 grams of heavy cream – 5 for the making of the waffle/ 25 for the whip cream topping

      45 grams raw egg, mixed well

      20 grams ground pecans

      11 grams coconut oil, melted split 6/5

      My note here is that I only put 6 in the batter and Autumn takes 5 grams “off the spoon” because I like her to start her morning with coconut oil feeding her brain right away. Remember, I am a mom first – not a dietitian – and subject to my own prejudices on what I think makes the diet work. I remained convinced that coconut oil first thing in the morning is a key to the success of the diet. You could put all the oil in the batter if you like.

      2-4 grams Truvia (or less of stevia extract powder)Use some in batter and some to sweeten whip cream topping

      0.2 baking soda and baking powder

      sprinkle of salt

      pinch of maple flavoring (see “flavorings” note above) or any other flavoring you prefer

      Fruit for topping: Use the keto calculator to find correct ratios for fruit you enjoy. Currently Autumn is using a mix of about 15 grams blueberries and 20 grams raspberries. She likes either fresh or frozen.

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