Living – not just exisiting – another reason for KetoJoy!

There is not much living you can do when your child is dropping to the floor up to 80 – 100 times a day.  Even when Autumn first started having seizures and was “only” having 1 or 2 an hour, someone always had to be with her for fear of injury.   She had to be very careful as to what activities she did.  She could have never done what she did today – making candles with hot beeswax sitting in boiling water! 🙂


Autumn chose to wrap her candle in purple ribbon for Epilepsy Awareness Month and green buttons to represent The Charlie Foundation.


The diet that many doctors and patients  think is such a burden…brings to us such a blessing…allowing us to live again…and not just exist…that is Ketojoy!


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