Let Your Life So Shine

I “met” Natalie on Facebook when we were just starting our seizure journey last year.  Natalie is the mother of Gianna, a stunningly beautiful, brown-eyed  8-year-old girl who has more challenges than I can even name.    I broke out crying the first time I watched a video of Gianna that her mom had shared.  I cried because of the incredible grace of this mother…never giving up….always encouraging her daughter to press on.  She has given her life to searching for answers to help her daughter ….and along the way she helps all of us.  Her life is like a stalworth, beaming lighthouse for others to catch a glimpse of… on the murky waters trying to find their way in the storms and fog….and it keeps shining.

One day Natalie posted that someone had watched one of her videos of Gianna and left the following comment;

“Why don’t you just kill her, and save the government money.”

Shock…Horror…What? …Really?!!!!

It literally took my breath away when I read it.

So what does Natalie do?  She keeps going.  She is not existing.  She is living – living perhaps more “lively” than many who have none of these challenges and are just merely existing in their own self-centered world.

We need to get beyond ourselves.  “Whoever loses his life shall find it.” (Matthew 16:25)

To the Natalies’ of this world…faithfully serving the beautiful Giannas’ of this world… I salute you…and am indebted to you.  Thank you for giving us a stunning example of grace. For those of us who have the ability or resources….let us take the example set before us…find someone whose load we can lighten…today…and everyday.


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“Let your life so shine” Matthew 5:16

One thought on “Let Your Life So Shine

  1. What a beautifully written story about a truley inspiring woman and her incredible daughter. Thank you for sharing with us the true spirit of this family.

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