Best time in History for ”Keto-Thanks”

Ok, so for any of you on the ketogenic diet, or who are considering it, ponder the following: 

Think of having to do this diet without having any product labeling information – how in the world was that even possible?!  

Think of  having to hand-calculate the fat, protein and carb ratio amounts!  Can you imagine how time consuming that was?! That amount, and intensity, of math is far greater pain than my eight labor and deliveries were!  Beth Zupec-Kania surely you have crowns in heaven waiting for you for the creation of the KetoCalculator 😉 

Think of having no internet support groups/forums/ resources.  For us, the Charlie Foundation has been a life-line.  For others who may be reading this, you may have your own favorites.  The people we have had the opportunity to “meet” – even though not face-to-face –  have so blessed us as we have wept with those who are weeping and rejoiced with those who are rejoicing.  Knowing we were not alone. Watching, learning and  growing in grace, in so many ways, with all those who share similar burdens has been a very special part of our journey.

Thank you to all who have gone before, persevering, pressing on, clearing the way, creating new tools and giving light to those of us traveling behind you on our keto journeys. May we be as faithful to help those behind us!

If you have the blessing of being on the diet at this moment in history, give GREAT THANKS today!!!!  Truly, KETO-THANKS!


 I thank my God upon every remembrance of (all of) you, always in every prayer of mine, making request for you with joy.”

Phil. 1: 3-4

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