Cultivating Creativity…From the Heart

When all of life seems to revolve around food, how can you divert your thoughts from it? Cultivate some creativity!  What does your child (or you) like to do, or what can they learn?  The idea is to get away from thoughts of “consuming”  something to thoughts of “producing” something. Produce a riveting, heart-stirring song for others to enjoy,  put color on canvas that captures expressions of the heart to give as a gift, training for excellence – with all your heart – in a sport, putting pen to paper for captivating poems or stories that stir the heart,  or perhaps sewing a stunning item to wear, that thrills your heart! Culinary arts – the gift of making that keto meal look so special – is a great way to put your creativity to use!  The girls and I are always on the lookout for special plates, cups and stemware to bring that “celebratory” touch to each meal, that warms the heart.





Autumn and her sisters have learned different skills throughout the years and last year they were working on two different projects – Brazillian embroidery and knitting a new type of scarf with fabric clips.  The colors of both seemed so vibrant, refreshing and delightful –  kind of how seizure-free days felt like.



Someone suggested we should start an etsy site – so we did! We had one comment that said the scarves were the perfect “go-to” item any time you may need an idea for a gift, and that the bows were a perfect “stocking stuffer.” The site is listed under our “Creations” tab or you can click here:     For the month of December we have all items 20% off – simply use the coupon code KETOJOY20 when checking out.

Cultivate an appetite for producing extraordinary gifts and talents- that celebrate life – from the heart!

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